Migrants: a frosty Nordic welcome

Find out what migrants themselves think of Denmark's controversial new legislation

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Migrants: a frosty Nordic welcome

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The vote on the controversial asylum bill was watched closely by refugees and migrants already in Denmark.

Point of view

Who can live without their children for three years?

They say they are people who have risked everything for the chance of a better life.

The new legislation means Fahd from Syria must wait three years to see his children.

“Who can live without their children for three years?” he asks. “They cry and ask why I left.”

Sharafuddin is from Afghanistan.

“It gives us a kind of feeling like stress, tension and worries about what will happen, because it will take a long time to give your case and hear when it will be approved.”

“If they make the rules more difficult, more people will feel worried and stressed like that.”

The freshly-passed legislation must be signed by the Danish monarch before it officially becomes law at the beginning of February.