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Super Snowstorm keeps US east coast in its icy grip


Super Snowstorm keeps US east coast in its icy grip

The big freeze continues on the US east coast and in the city that never sleeps snow ploughs and snowmen have become a regular feature.

New York’s near record snowfall meant Broadway shows were cancelled on Saturday but that didn’t bring down the curtain on good humour in the heart of Manhattan.

“Once in a lifetime I guess,” said one man, amid the snow.
“Yeah, it will be a memory for the books, that is for sure,” his companion added.

“It is magical. It is a city known around the world and to see it like this makes the weekend even more special,” said the French-speaking female half of another couple, enjoying the big freeze downtown.

A review of travel restrictions was due on Sunday by city authorities.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio had already warned people to stay off the city’s streets.

“This is a forecast that in the last 24 hours has jumped up several times and (is) now as high as 28 inches. Again from the point of view of this city, we have to prepare for an even worse case scenario than that and be ready if it goes even farther,” de Blasio said.

In the capital, The Washington Post called this “A blizzard for the ages” and said authorities had warned that it “would take days” before all roads become passable.

With thousands of flights cancelled, it will take time too before air travel on the east coast returns to normal.

But the impact of this storm will remain for many families – with at least 19 people reported dead in several states.


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