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Monster snowstorm brings death and disruption to the US east coast


Monster snowstorm brings death and disruption to the US east coast

A huge blizzard is causing chaos to parts of the United States and it is due to continue all weekend.

Blanketed in snow, The White House has never looked so white.

But while President Obama and the snow ploughs are still hard at work, much of the rest of the east coast is at a standstill as the giant snowstorm paralyses road, rail and air travel.

Thousands of flights have been cancelled and weather warnings or advice issued to more than 85 million people.

Washington DC could get a record-breaking 76 cm of the white stuff. The existing record high of 71 cm of snow in the capital was set in 1922.

Hence the message to commuters in Washington on Friday that the nation’s second-busiest subway system would be suspended all weekend.

“To close it down inside is just ridiculous because there are people that have to get to work and hospitals and other places that do not shut down because of (snow), you know. So you are just making it harder on them,” said frustrated traveller Phillip Schmidt.

While the snow spells difficulty for humans, The National Zoo in Washington showed just how much fun it can bring to one of our furry friends.

Many stores were left with bare shelves as residents stocked up on food, water and other provisions, preparing to spend the weekend indoors.

The governors of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Delaware, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and the mayor of Washington, declared states of emergency. Officials warned people not to drive.

And there has been no escape for the Big Apple, with New York’s attractions deep in snow.

It has meant snowball throwing and selfies for some but this wintry episode has also meant misery for many Americans – with power cuts to tens of thousand of homes and at least nine people losing their lives.