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Post COP21: now what? - views on climate change from Davos ski slopes


Post COP21: now what? - views on climate change from Davos ski slopes


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The spotlight is on big business and politics at Davos during the World Economic Forum.

But euronews wondered what skiers on the slopes think about all the activity down below – especially when it comes to world leaders taking care of Planet Earth.

“Certain circles who are earning money are still very strong with their lobbies to influence the politicians and that should change,” said one local resident.

“I grew up here and maybe ten years ago it was completely another thing, especially with the glaciers. Now the winter time is changing.”

“There is never enough that you can do for the environment, so we should do more,” said a ski instructor, leading a group of younsters. “I’m sure they do something but they should do more.”

So maybe the people should set an example to the politicians. We asked a few winter sports enthusiasts what they do in their daily lives to help look after the environment.

“I use the bicycle to go to work,” said one woman, adding that she didn’t use too much warm water either.

“We do what we can,” another woman added. “We take the train if it is possible. We leave the car. But we do fly, and that is not too good.”

Euronews correspondent Sarah Chappell reported from Switzerland: “Winter came late to Davos this year and there are fears over the shorter ski seasons of the future. But for now, the snow and the sun are here to be enjoyed.”


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