Bushfires destroy town in Western Australia

Very little is left of Yarloop, south of Perth. Emergency services struggle to tackle the huge blaze which is spreading to other towns nearby.

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Bushfires destroy town in Western Australia

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  • Historic town devastated by bushfire
  • Blaze spreading to other areas
  • Flames fanned by 60km gusts of wind
  • Scroll down to see aerial shots of damage

What is happening?

It is feared a bushfire that has destroyed a small town in Western Australia may be spreading to other areas.

Almost 100 houses and municipal buildings have been burned to the ground in Yarloop, south of Perth.

At least four firefighters have been injured.

Three people reported missing have been found safe and well.

Wayne Gregson is the Western Australia State Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner:

“The fire continues to be uncontained and out of control. Last night (Thursday), as you are aware, there was a significant impact on Yarloop. It appears that we have lost around 95 houses and a number of structures within the town site including some of the historical buildings, the workshops, some factories”

The fires now stretch across 58,000 hectares. Emergency warnings are in place for nearby towns.

The fire generates its own weather system

What about the residents?

Many Yarloop residents like Ada Farmer have been told their homes may have been destroyed.

“I’ve heard this morning that just about everything is gone in Yarloop, even our home and my neighbour’s and most of our communities, it’s all gone.”

In pictures – the Waroona fire

A bird’s eye view of the fire damage