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Greek PM sticks largely with the 'old' as he appoints his new Cabinet


Greek PM sticks largely with the 'old' as he appoints his new Cabinet

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has kept faith with many members of his previous Cabinet announcing a largely unchanged line up following Sunday’s election success.

Panos Kamenos – leader of the right-wing junior party in Tsipras’s coalition, the Independent Greeks, stays at Defence.

But more significantly to reassure European lenders that there will be no backtracking on the cash-for-reform deal is the reappointment of low-key Oxford University educated economist, Euclid Tsakalotos

Together with George Chouliarakis as his deputy the two men are much respected bailout negotiators. Tsakalotos, was at the helm when Greece and its creditors produced an 86 billion-euro loan deal in August.

And taking perhaps one of the most difficult briefs is Yannis Mouzalas as Migration Minister within the the interior ministry.

Greece’s new government faces two major challenges – how to stimulate growth while ensuring the bailout conditions are met, and the handling of the country’s huge refugee problem.


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