Migrant crisis: deepening disarray as Croatia comes under fire from neighbours

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Migrant crisis: deepening disarray as Croatia comes under fire from neighbours

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Cracks in Europe’s handling of the migrant crisis are deepening, with Croatia under fresh fire from its neighbours.

In the latest of a series of sharply-worded condemnations, Zagreb is being accused of “violating” Hungary’s “sovereignty” by sending people across the border on a train, accompanied by police.

More than 20,000 migrants have flowed into Croatia since Tuesday, after Budapest fenced off its border with Serbia and brought in tough anti-migrant legislation.

“In recent days, Croatia’s government has lied in the face of the Hungarian people, lied in the face of the Croatian people and lied in the face of the whole European Union,” said Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s Foreign Minister.

Meanwhile, migrants have been arriving in Austria from Slovenia. One group of up to 200 crossed on foot.

Slovenia’s prime minister is among those lashing out Croatia, claiming it is not playing by European rules.

“We know that we’re confronted by a large wave of refugees coming from Croatia. Unfortunately, our neighbour Croatia has not fulfilled its responsibilities. Things have slipped out of control,” said Miro Cerar.

“There has been an improper channeling of refugees towards Slovenia.

“As you know, Slovenia is the guardian of the Schengen border, that’s our European responsibility.”

Around 10-thousand migrants reportedly arrived in Austria on Saturday alone.

Croatia’s prime minister says he will not use “brute force” to keep people out, nor will they have to stay against their will.

He has also said that buses and trains will keep running to Hungary.