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Crimea: French deputies defy sanctions for visit


Crimea: French deputies defy sanctions for visit

A group of French lawmakers pay their respects to soldiers from their country buried at a military cemetery dating back to the 19th century Crimean War.

The unofficial trip to the peninsula by ten members of the opposition Republicans Party has been criticised by France and Ukraine.

Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014 after a referendum widely held as illegitimate.

Former French Transport Minister Thierry Mariani told reporters there is no evidence of military oppression in the region. “People are not forced to do anything. It takes time for an image to change. We will transmit a different image.”

Reaction to the trip

Crimea’s pro-Russian leader says the visit proves Western sanctions are ineffective.

The French foreign minister said he was “shocked” by the trip which is “in violation of international law.”

Ukraine has called it “irresponsible” and says it shows a lack of respect for Ukrainian sovereignty.


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