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German tourists head for Greece in droves and aeroplanes


German tourists head for Greece in droves and aeroplanes

Angela Merkel is not the most popular individual among Greeks as we speak. However, the Greek islands are popular with German tourists and despite the economic turmoil 200,000 are currently holidaying there, with more on the way.

As one tourist about to fly off explained:“We simply love it there. We go to a small village in the south of Crete and it is a lovely spot.”

Holidaymakers are protected by the guarantees provided by package tour operators, but the numbers of more independent travellers appear to falling, according to German travel agent, Thomas Kunert: “I have spent half my time over the past six weeks answering concerns. Mostly will there be petrol? Will there be money? How do I get help if something happens?”

Figures suggest that overall the number of Germans holidaying in Greece looks set to beat the 2014 record.

However, bargains are few and far between says Sibylle Zeuch from the German Travel Association:“Prices will not change this summer, as they are negotiated and fixed in advance so they will be valid throughout the whole summer.”

Despite the current tensions Germans continue to head for Greece and Germany remains an important market for Greek tourism.

Our correspondent in Berlin is Sebastian Saam: “The developments of the last few weeks have done little to stop German holidaymakers heading to Greece. The country as a tourist destination has not been affected by the crisis, at least for this summer.”