Wal-mart in China: donkey and fox meat alert

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By Euronews
Wal-mart in China: donkey and fox meat alert

In 1981, a kangaroo meat scandal linking the US and Australia created an urban legend. A song caught on, entitled ‘Who put the roo in my stew’.

Now, Wal-mart is in trouble over fox in donkey. Yes, the world’s largest retailer sells donkey meat – in China.

It has recalled the product from some of its outlets there after testing raised the alarm.

Why the hee-haw? Because it could hurt the US retailer’s reputation for quality. China’s food and grocery market is worth $1 trillion, and it plans to open 110 new stores there in the next few years.

Donkey is a popular food in some parts, although its ‘market share’ of consumption is relatively tiny, in China that translated into 2.4 million donkeys coming out of the abattoir in 2011, according to Chinese livestock industry records.

Wal-Mart, which operates more than 400 facilities in China, announced it was deeply sorry and was already investigating. It added that legal action would be taken against the product’s supplier.

Analysts said the impact of the current ‘scare’ would be relatively subdued.

Here’s a link about donkey eating: en.wikipedia.org/Donkey_Burger

As for fox, the meat is more commonly eaten by hunters; farmers may consider it a pest; it is raised and exported from Sweden and Denmark.

Will anyone pen a song about this?