Watch live: Malala takes education battle to the UN

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Watch live: Malala takes education battle to the UN

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Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani campaigner who was shot in the head by the Taliban will address the UN today.

Malala will deliver her first public speech at the UN Youth Assembly since she was attacked in October 2012; she will also be celebrating her 16th birthday.

The story of the teenager drew global attention after she was shot at point blank range as she left school in the Swat Valley, she was targeted by the Taliban because of her campaign work for girls’ education in Pakistan.

Following the incident she was airlifted to a specialist hospital in Birmingham, UK where she was treated by a team of military doctors and underwent hours of surgery. She has since made a full recovery and attends a school in Birmingham.

Malala is predicted to speak about improvement in global education and to present UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon with a petition of more than 3 million signatures demanding education for all.

You can watch her full speech live on euronews from 15:30 CET and on