Portugal passes fresh tax hikes

Portugal’s parliament has passed the country’s largest tax hike package in decades. The changes form part of Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho’s


USA election: other candidates

With the US election dominated by the Democrat and Republican parties, in the political arena as well as in the media, it is easy to forget that


German retail sales jump

The tills keep ringing in Germany. In September, retail sales there rose at the fastest pace since June last year. They were up by 1.5 percent


Obama's legacy

The night Barack Obama changed his sweet home Chicago for a new address at the White House, he was riding a tide of hope across the country. It


Tasteful fashion in Paris

The Salon de Chocolat in Paris kicked off with the fashion parade – in which all the clothes were made of chocolate. The models looked good enough to


Women die of smoking too

What would you do with an extra 10 years of life? Risk it in the sky? Enjoy it on the ocean waves? Spend it on treasure island? The question is real