Shot miners charged with murder

270 striking mine workers are being charged with murder after police shot dead 34 of their colleagues. They are being tried under South Africa’s


Adverse conditions hurt WPP

The world’s largest advertising group WPP, disappointed the markets with mixed first-half results and lower annual targets. That is particularly


Turkey marks Victory Day

Turkey is celebrating Victory Day to mark the final battle in the Turkish War of Independence in 1922. Turkish President Abdullah Gul, however, did


Ryan sounds good to Republicans

The big speech by Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential running mate, 42-year-old Paul Ryan, went over well at the Republican National Convention, notably


Studying the Erasmus way

In this edition of U-talk Maroš from Bratislava posed the following question: “I study law in Bratislava. I have heard that the EU offers grants


Mostra Di Venezia

The Venice International Film Festival, or Mostra Di Venezia, celebrated its 80th anniversary this year. Holding its own throughout the years the


Moscow privatises iconic hotel

One of Moscow’s most historic landmarks has been sold for 222 million euros. The luxury Metropol hotel has hosted all Russian life from revolutionary


German joblessness rises

Unemployment was up in Germany for a fifth month running in August. It is the latest in a string of disappointing data that adds to evidence


Cool baking technology

Jörg Schulz is a baker in Germany who has found a cool money-saving new way of baking his bread. “The NanoBak Technology, which we developed, is a


How do I volunteer in Europe?

In this edition of U-talk Kate from London posed the following question: “I have heard about an EU programme enabling young people to do voluntary