Costly Olympic sized fiasco

The London Olympics have turned into a fiasco for G4S and its shares are winning no prizes after it failed to fulfil a contract for security


London ready for the Olympics

The first wave of athletes has arrived in London, just a few days before the Olympic Games get going on July 27. The vast majority of the delegations


Who are the most wanted Nazis?

In Budapest on May 2011 a suspected Nazi war criminal stood trial. He looked to be a vulnerable and frail old man, but Sandor Kepiro stood accused of


Medical hypnosis

Pauline wants to put an end to what she calls her “small addictions” – snacking, smoking and drinking too much. To break free of her impulses, she


Nobel winners' fan club

Welcome to Wonderland! That’s a bit what it feels like for these four young scientists from Spain and Germany. They are about to meet dozens of the