Brussels abuzz over bee decline

Brussels and bees – two words you don’t always hear together, but on World Environment Day the future of our furry friends is of increasing concern


Russia-China relations

Russia and China have shown they’re perfectly on the same wavelength on the international scene. They have twice blocked UN Security Council


Italy's earthquakes hit economy

One of Italy’s most productive and prosperous regions, after the recent series of earthquakes which claimed dozens of lives and ruined ancient and

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Dead Catcopter art

Amsterdam’s annual art show had a rather unusual exhibit this year, with artist Bart Jansen showcasing his own dead cat turned into a helicopter


Luxury spending set to rise

Sales of luxury goods are set to rise unless there is a major global economic crisis. A report by Boston Consulting Group predicts sales should


Kasdan makes dog of a movie

Laurence Kasdan’s new movie “Darling Companion”, co-scripted with wife Meg and based on their own experience while on holiday in the Rocky mountains