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  • Facebook overvalued?

    As shares in the world’s biggest social network website start trading on the Nasdaq we ask if… 17/05/12 19:47 CET




  • Transparent driving

    Driving a car safely means doing more than keeping an eye on the road. The driver also has to keep… 17/05/12 15:54 CET


  • Greece sacking to survive

    Greece is far from the only country in the world where public sector workers make up a large part… 17/05/12 20:16 CET

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  • We Will Rock You rolls on

    The hit London musical “We Will Rock You”, has celebrated its tenth birthday. The show features 30… 17/05/12 14:48 CET


  • Kabul cinema

    Cinema goers watch a Pashto film at Pamir Cinema in Kabul. Once a treasured luxury for the elite… 17/05/12 12:19 CET


  • Olympic flame handed to London

    The build-up to this summers Olympic games in London gained a little more heat on Thursday as the… 17/05/12 21:17 CET

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