Serie A still on hold

The president of the Italian football federation Giancarlo Abete met with the representatives of the clubs and players on Monday but failed to reach


The urban water course

Water is at the heart of who we are, and everything we do. We live through water. On one level it is very simple – around two thirds of your body is


France's poor get poorer

Increasing numbers of French people are living in poverty and the country is suffering rising inequality, according to the latest figures from the


Singapore Blog 1

Food for thought on the first day We’ve just arrived in Singapore and the local fixer suggests that we head off to film in a city centre food


Conan flops at US Box Office

The highly anticipated action flick “Conan the Barbarian” is on its way to becoming one of this summers box office flops. Released in August, the


Irene: counting the cost

The indications are that the impact of Hurricane Irene in the US is not as bad as feared. Experts now predict the cost will not top six billion