Africans fleeing Libya drown

It is feared that 200 to 270 refugees escaping from the violence in Libya have drowned after their overloaded fishing boat got into trouble in heavy


E. coli wreaks economic havoc

Whatever the source of the Europe’s deadly E. coli outbreak, the region’s vegetable growers are facing major economic losses. With Spain initially


E.coli killer bug is new strain

The E.coli outbreak in Europe is caused by a new, highly infectious and toxic strain of the bacteria that contains genes that protect the organism


BMW widens sales lead in US

BMW widened its lead as the top imported luxury car maker in the United States last month. Its sales were up nearly 20 percent on the sale month


Russia bans EU veg imports

Russia has banned all imports of fresh vegetables from the European Union as the diplomatic fallout from the mystery E.coli outbreak ratchets up a


Electro in Lyon

One of Europe’s largest electro festivals has kicked off in Lyon, France. Les Nuits Sonores runs for five nights and is expected to attract in the