October launch for EU's GPS

The first two operational satellites of the European Union’s global navigation system, Galileo, are to be launched in October. The European


Frankfurt goes electronic

The end of an era at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. There will be no more traditional floor trading, from now on all transactions are being


Obama cheers in Ireland

The US President and Michelle Obama have launched into their week-long tour of several European countries, starting with Ireland. Barack Obama will


Sony warns of big annual loss

Sony has said it expected to post a 2.3 billion euro net loss for the year up to the end of March – due to having to write some tax credits. It was


No spring for Moldova

Economic distress and frozen conflict on the borders of the European Union. After 20 years, Moldova, the poorest country in Europe, still seems


Scores left dead by US tornado

At least 89 people are now known to have died after a powerful tornado hit Joplin in the US state of Missouri. Many other towns across the MidWest


Etching below the surface

A laser that can write on the inside of glass without damaging the outside is revolutionising anti-counterfeit procedures in industries from


Obama visits Ireland

President Obama is on the first leg of a week-long European tour, with stops in the UK, France and Poland. Today he is in Ireland. Meetings with