Inspiring women

International Women’s Day reminds us all that in many parts of the world girls are denied the same access to education as boys. But at the Happy


Blocking fake medicines

Viagra, anti-malarial tablets, painkillers are all increasingly being purchased via the Internet. However there is a risk that what you buy may not


HSBC profit disappoints

HSBC is the latest UK based bank to disappoint investors with lower than expected earning for last year, even though pretax profit more than doubled


Safe and sound, underground

Somewhere deep inside the granite of the Gothard Pass there is a place that has been kept secret by the Swiss for years. It is a Swiss bank with a


Adele's new album

Adele’s latest album 21 has already hit number 1 in several European countries; now it is out in the US.   Despite the north Londoner’s runaway


Oman unrest enters third day

Protesters in Oman have clashed with security forces during a third consecutive day of unrest. The demonstrators want higher salaries and a greater


Meet Kompai, your robot friend

Kompai is a robot companion to humans who need one.   Born in a workshop near Biarritz, France, Kompai is the fruit of a European Union project to