Democrats' luck holds in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is a town that is down on its luck. It has been hit harder by the downturn than most. The amount of money being spent in casinos


EU action to end poverty

Poverty affects one out of every six people living in the European Union. It has been the subject of Parliamentary reports and much debate, but what


Gambling and online regulation

Playing for money, Internet gambling… between leaving it an open market and protecting consumers, the EU is looking for a just balance. With online


Japan export growth slows

Japan’s exports were better than expected in September up14.4 percent increase from a year earlier, but they did slow for the seventh consecutive


Google faces UK privacy probe

Google faces an investigation by the UK’s privacy watchdog after it owned up on Monday to copying emails and passwords from home computers. The


Serbia makes progress in EU bid

The EU has moved closer to starting membership talks with Serbia.   Foreign Ministers meeting in Luxembourg have agreed to pass on Belgrade’s bid to