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Learning with new technologies

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Learning with new technologies

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This edition of Learning World focuses on technology, and some of the ways the internet is bringing about a rethink of education.

We speak to an e-expert – Professor Sugata Mitra, who is the man behind the Hole in the Wall. Our team met him at Newcastle University in the UK where he told us a little more about the early days of the experiment which showed that young children in India can figure out the internet without any prior instruction.

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In Sweden an innovative global network is engaging teachers as well as students to stay connected.

In the Viktor Rydberg School in Sweden, not only are chalkboards a thing of the past, but pens and paper could soon be history too. Their teaching is centred around laptops.

This is an experiment launched by Microsoft. Twelve Tutor Schools are training 30 Pathfinder Schools. The social network e-Twinning, for example, is used to exchange information on schools. YouTube, laptops and a Spanish pop song – what better way to learn the language?

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