Why stress tests were needed

The background to the stress tests included catastrophic events like the collapse of Lehman Brothers investment bank in September 2008 which was


UK economy surges in Q2

Britain’s economy grew almost twice as fast as expected in the second quarter of this year. That was due to a sharp pick-up in services activity


Andean spat cranks up a notch

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has cut diplomatic ties with Colombia in an escalating dispute between to the two Andean neighbours over Bogata’s


Avignon Festival

The Festival of Avignon is in full swing, with performances that range from Shakespeare to quasi-silent clowning. Richard II is being staged in one


Montreux Jazz Festival

The Montreux Jazz Festival was once again an eclectic mix of all kinds of music including rock, pop, and hip-hop as well every shade of jazz


Belgrade Intervention Unit 92

By tackling organised crime in the Balkans Serbia’s government is sending a strong message to the European Union and its neighbours, that it is


Stress tests: A worry for banks

Jon Davies, euronews : “I am joined from London by Simon Tilford who is the Chief Economist at the Centre for European Reform.   Simon, There has