The Old Railway Station hotel

In Petworth, 60 kms west of London, a local businessman has found a new use for four renovated Pullman railway carriages. He’s turned them into a


Dinner for Schmucks

Dinner for Schmucks is the latest Steve Carell offering. It’s a remake of the 1998 runaway success Le Diner de Cons (aka The Dinner Game) in which a


Buckets & spades out in Paris

Most of the year the Voie Georges Pompidou is a blaring mass of motor vehicles on the banks of the Seine in Paris. But it is Paris Plages time in

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Ama festival in Japan

A festival of women professional divers, known as ama, who are engaged in free-diving to gather abalone, lobster and other shellfish, takes place


Tracking bank data

As part of the fight against terrorism, Washington wants to track international financial transactions. After a long dispute, the EU Parliament has


Oil platform safety

While the US battles its worst ever oil spill..European’s are asking the question does the EU have a plan if a similar catastrophe blights Europe?