Fitch cuts BP's rating

The international ratings agency Fitch has cut BP’s rating from AA+ to AA because of higher risks that it might default on its debt due to increased


Euro zone services expand

Despite growing worries of euro zone countries’ finances, the region’s dominant services sector, continues to grow. The latest survey of


Israel and the Iranian threat

Is Iran working on the nuclear bomb? In Israel, people are afraid it is. The Israelis are preparing for a worst-case-scenario with large-scale civil

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Cycle soccer in Japan

World Cycle ball, also know as cycle soccer or “radball’, is a curious sport. The biggest difference with football is no one allowed to touch the


Israel defiant on Gaza blockade

In the furnace of Middle Eastern politics, the relationship between Israel and Turkey often catches the eye. Commercial interests play a big part


Relief for storm-hit Guatemala

Emergency teams in Guatemala are struggling to get aid through to remote areas hit by Tropical Storm Agatha, which has caused hundreds of deaths


UK gunman had firearms licence

It has been revealed the gunman who killed 12 people and then shot himself in Britain had been a licenced gun holder for 20 years. Police are


Sea to plate: a cool route

Dalvik, in the north of Iceland, is a fishing port which supplies fish to destinations all over Europe including France. We follow a batch of cod