Tech and art combine to create vivid displays at new exhibition

Video. Tech and art combine to create vivid displays at new exhibition

Art that wraps around you.

Art that wraps around you.

180 Studios is opening a new exhibition dedicated to immersive art.

Sixteen installations blur the lines between physical and virtual artworks, all at the crossroads of art and technology.

Located in a former underground car park, the exhibition is designed like a maze to get lost in, as you wander through the dark rooms.

An installation explores the different forms of columns with rotating mirrors.

In a pitch-black room, lasers scan the floor and walls.

The installation, by United Visual Artists (UVA), is made of four kinetic sculptures projecting single-colour planes of light.

Further down, another installation explores a world populated by digital humans in a desert-like environment.

After scanning a QR code on the wall, visitors are invited to show a webpage to a machine next to each screen to start new videos.

Other highlights include "Vigil," an installation made up of an ice block with the imprint of a hand, hung in front of a round screen displaying videos of landscapes.

Most installations don't necessarily have an artistic message, but rather experiment with technology.

One of the biggest installations is "Vortex," created by Barcelona-based studio Hamill Industries.

It uses light projectors, a purpose-made soundtrack and smoke effects.

The end result is a travelling smoke ring synchronised to the music.

"Future Shock" at 180 Studios runs from 28 April to 28 August 2022.


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