'Squid Game' fans

Italian events company recreates 'Squid Game' for fans

In Rome, an entertainment events company is hosting "Squid Games" simulating the hit Netflix series from start to finish.

There are childish games, red-clad guards and only one winner, but for Italian fans of the ultra-violent series, death is fortunately only a pretense.

Participants are picked up at meeting points and taken in vans to a field where the games are played in the open air, like the famous first game "Red light, green light".

Divided into teams, the participants do not know each other and must succeed in going to the end of the game trying to lose as few points as possible, otherwise they will be shot and lose life points.

After the outdoor games, they are taken inside a restaurant where they can relax with some food, but not too much because the games continue, and for those who make a mistake while cutting the cookie, the elimination is always waiting for them!