DK World`s tallest sandcastle

The world`s tallest sandcastle has been built in Denmark

A sandcastle towering 21.16 meters high has set the latest Guinness record in Denmark, 3.5 meters higher than the previous record set in Germany in 2019 with 17.66 meters.

The construction is made as a triangle not to collapse, like many others have done.

A wooden construction was made around it, in order for the artist to cut the amazing figures in the sand.

4,860 tons of sand from Denmark has been used to build the castle. The sand got app. 10% clay in it in order to make it glue better. When it is all done an extra layer of glue is put on to make it last through most of the winter.

30 of the world's most talented sand sculptors have made it with Wilfred Stijger from Holland as the experienced leader.