Babod Off-Road Festival

Hungary: Mud flies at Babod Off-Road Festival

A car festival that has brought in the crowds for 35 years - Hungary's Babod Off-Road Festival took place in Somogybabod on Sunday and delivered pure fun for all petrolheads, countrymen and countrywomen, city dwellers, locals, and foreign visitors.

Days after the Hungarian government lifted the ban on large gatherings in line with COVID-19 restrictions, almost 2000 off-road vehicles came to the festival - one of the highest numbers of attendees in the 35-year long history of the event.

During the three-day-long event, 15,000 visitors saw a variety of off-road vehicles fighting the mud and dirt.

Visitors, who could find accommodation in nearby campsites, stood beside the tracks or near to mud pools and felt free to jump in, while fellow petrolheads were always ready to assist cars halted by the thick mud.