Facemask boutique suggests masks make great gifts

Shoppers in Spain buy face masks as holiday gifts

A face mask boutique is urging shoppers to purchase a new kind of Christmas gift.

The owners of UrbnMsk in Barcelona, say they are desperate to see an end to the pandemic, but believe face masks are here to stay. Their store exclusively sells masks, which are required in the region of Catalonia. 

Two months in and the Catalan entrepreneurs' mask business is booming.

The shop offers 600 different models from 20 different brands with prices ranging from €7.90 to €18.90. They now have Christmas designs to transform the mask into a festive gift.

Many of the new pandemic-related business worldwide have been started by unemployed or bankrupt people trying to reinvent their careers and businesses.

UrbnMsk founder, Hector Pardo was a supply primary school teacher who found himself out of a job following Spain's state of emergency in mid-March.

He joined forces with a local business entrepreneur and, contrary to the trend of online sales, focussed on retail sales.

The store now enjoys average daily sales of €1,000