Air taxi

Could new electric 'air taxi' be the future of travel?

German company Volocopter unveiled its newest prototype — the electric "air taxi" — at an airport near Paris.

Pegged as a transport method of the future, its designers say the Volocopter, a driverless, flying taxi, will revolutionise how we travel in cities.

The aircraft, known as an eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing), was designed to transport people through cities and urban environments.

The aircraft runs on nine electric batteries and can carry a pilot and a passenger.

It will have a range of 35km and a maximum speed of 110kmh.

The Volocopter will be tested from June 2021 at Pontoise airport near Cergy, 35km west of Paris.

If next year's tests are conclusive, Paris authorities hope to have a prototype ready for demonstration flights during the Paris Olympics in 2024.