Honduras massive trash wave

Wave of rubbish washes up on normally pristine Honduras beach

Teams of volunteers and members of the Honduran armed forces worked around the clock last weekend to clean a wave of rubbish that washed up onto the usually pristine beaches of Omoa, along Honduras’ Caribbean coast.

The "trash tsunami" appeared on Saturday, September 19, and Honduran authorities say it came from neighbouring Guatemala’s Motagua River.

Journalist Orlin J. Martínez who filmed this footage from Omoa told the EBU that the waves of garbage could not have come at a worse time for the tourist-dependent community that has already taken a hit economically as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Martínez added that while they were able to clear the beach by Sunday evening, September 20, rubbish and plastic continues to wash ashore.

According to local media, authorities in Honduras and Guatemala are to sign an agreement next month to control the impact that rubbish from the Motagua river basin has on Omoa’s beaches.