People at the start of the luge race

Watch: South Korea transforms closed mountain highway into luge track

A closed national highway in Gangwon-do Province, South Korea, has transformed into a 2.4km-long course for luge, allowing sledgers to blast down the mountain at speeds of up to 60km per hour. 

Hoengseong County's government launched the luge centre in 2018, and was the first in the nation to build such a facility on a closed road with minimum financial investment. 

Measuring 12-meters wide and running to 2.4 kilometres, it is the longest single luge track in Korea and includes waterfalls, a wonderland section and a theme park

Visitors can have a truly thrilling luge-riding experience here. Hoengseong County plans to promote the luge centre into a regional tourist attraction along with other local sights."

The maximum speed of the luges is 60 kilometres an hour, but with the wind behind them, they can travel even faster.