Bikers and their bikes

Motorbike enthusiasts gather in South Dakota despite COVID-19 spike

An annual biker event takes place over 10 days in Sturgis, South Dakota. Even as health officials warned of a major coronavirus spike, around 250,000 bikers gathered at the event.

"We come out here, and we express our freedom, our American right to be free, not wear a mask, not being told what to do,' one biker said.

"This is pretty free out here. Just with all the COVID thing and everything in lockdown, it’s good to see it’s open and we are getting our country back to normal," said another.

"I’m not scared of the virus, no. I’m counting myself as the 99% that won’t get it," a further bike enthusiast added.

It’s the 80th anniversary of this large-scale rally in Sturgis, and a majority of attendees say they support President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

"I never see signs for Joe Biden here. Is that a coincidence? – (laughs) That’s kind of a Midwest thing probably," one participant said.