Wild West theme park opens in rural Serbia

Wild West theme park opens in rural Serbia

A theme park dedicated to America's Wild West has opened... in rural Serbia. 

The quiet mountain village of Vodice, in the centre of the country, is now home to El Paso City.

The park is styled to look like the 19th-century towns seen in old Western movies.

Visitors can easily imagine Clint Eastwood swaggering down the main street, past the saloon and into the sheriff's office.

But with the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, it's a tricky time to launch a venture like this.

Some have suggested the closed borders might mean the park has been boosted by more domestic visitors, unable to go abroad for their holidays.

Park owner Milija Cumic says this is a misconception.

"Everybody is saying that I'm lucky and that this year I'll have more tourists who will not travel abroad, but people keep forgetting about one thing: there will be no foreign visits, no Montenegrins, no Bosniaks," he said.

"I'd much prefer if the situation was different, that there were no coronavirus, I am certain that my business would have been stronger."