COVID-19 makes life tougher for homeless in Lima

COVID-19 makes life tougher for homeless in Lima

After the Peruvian government declared a state of emergency on March 16, many community kitchens closed, and the number of homeless people looking for food has increased.

REMAR, a Christian charity organisation is the only one offering food on Lima streets during quarantine to people in need.

Many of them are street vendors who cannot sell anymore because the quarantine has completely wiped out day and nightlife in the city.

REMAR director in Lima, Miguel Mate, said that before the quarantine they provided 250 lunches, but these days they have increased to 500 due to the hunger that plagues many poor workers.

According to a report last week by the International Labour Organization, COVID-19 has destroyed at least 14 million jobs in Latin America, especially in sectors like trade and services.

The World Bank projects the pandemic could cause a 4.6 per cent GDP decrease on Latin American and Caribbean countries.