'Largest maze of clear ice in US' opens in Washington DC

'Largest maze of clear ice in US' opens in Washington DC

A winter wonderland with two-metre-high frozen ice walls opened in Washington DC on Friday (December 13).

Organisers say is the largest maze made of clear ice in the US.

The installation uses approximately 300 blocks of crystal clear ice and weighs around 56,699 kg. The transparent blocks were lit up with bright lights throughout the maze.

Ice Lab, the company behind the installation, shipped the ice from a manufacturer in Missouri who specializes in clear ice with sharp corners.

The maze stands outside CityCenterDC, a public space in the heart of the US capital. It will remain open to the public from December 13-15. 

The weather forecast calls for two days of rain, but Casey Conner, Ice Lab's founder, says the maze, which will be under a tent, can stand up to all kinds of weather, except perhaps, a tornado.