Hong Kong protesters find different ways to counter police

Hong Kong protesters find different ways to counter police

Following a morning of transport disruption, Hong Kong protesters launched a full-swing non-cooperation movement on Monday afternoon, evolving into clashes with multiple rounds of tear gas fired by police in different districts.

As the clampdown on anti-government protests in Hong Kong continues, protesters have been coming up with different ways to counter the widespread use of tear gas by the police. The newest strategy involves using a traffic cone to stop gas from spreading.

In recent weeks, clashes between police and demonstrators have grown increasingly violent.

Social media has been filled with striking images of protesters working in perfect coordination to neutralise the tear gas used against them

Officers charged protesters who had occupied roads, surrounded police stations, and staged a rally near government offices on Monday. Police fired multiple rounds of teargas, pepper spray and rubber bullets and had arrested 82 people by the early evening.