'Pray and play': English cathedral unveils crazy golf course

'Pray and play': English cathedral unveils crazy golf course

The nave of Rochester Cathedral in Kent has been transformed into a nine-hole bridge-themed mini-golf course which is free for visitors to play on.

The 'pray and play' initiative is designed to attract a younger audience to the cathedral who can enjoy the history of their surroundings whilst also having fun.

The cathedral canon, Matthew Rushton, had an excellent tutor in World Crazy Golf champion Marc Chapman.

The two men battled it out over nine holes, and while Canon Rushton proved to be rather handy with the putter, Chapman's efforts were not always up to his usual high standards.

Each hole on the nine-hole course features a miniature model bridge, based on real bridges across Britain, and is intended to inspire young people with an interest in civil engineering.

Some have condemned the attraction for opening the Church up to ridicule, but the cathedral said that worship services were unaffected by the mini-golf and that there remained plenty of quiet spaces throughout the building to pray.

The golf course, which has been paid for by the Rochester Bridge Trust, will be free to play during the daytime and will be open throughout this month.

The course is open from 1 August until 1 September.