UK: Vehicle breaks world Tuk Tuk speed record

British vehicle breaks world Tuk Tuk speed record

They're usually seen careering along the busy streets of Bangkok, but an authentic Thai Tuk Tuk has made it's way to Britain and into the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest of its type.

Forty-six-year-old Matt Everard, along with his cousin Russell Shearman, reached 119.584 kilometers per hour (74.3 mph) at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire in their modified Tuk Tuk on Monday after they swapped the original two-stroke 350cc engine with a 1300cc fuel-injected Daihatsu power plant.

Everard bought the vehicle on eBay for 3 thousand pounds (US$ 3,460) after a drunken night out, he told SNTV, and spent a further 10 thousand pounds (US$ 13,000) getting it into record-breaking condition.

But it seems that he is determined to break the 130 kph (80.8 mph) mark in the future and is already planning another engine upgrade.