Colombia says Venezuelan refugees should be moved to cities

Colombia says Venezuelan refugees should be moved to cities

Ther's uncertainty for many of the Venezuelans who have fled their country into Colombia, and are currently in camps. The government says they would be better off in cities, and says the camps are going to close, but it is far from clear if they will be moved to places with adequate facilities.

"I won't return to Venezuela for a long time, not until this government is gone will I go back. That government is killing us. Children are dying of hunger. They wake up and don't eat breakfast, who has breakfast doesn't have lunch, and who has lunch doesn't have dinner. It's difficult. Sometimes people go to bed without having eaten," said one man.

But the reality is that here there is little in the camps for the refugees beyond basic food, for which they have to wait and  queue.

Even necessities like water, depending on the camp, are hard to access of require laborious carriage by hand. However it is unclear just where they will be housed in Colombia's cities.

"I think the mayor of Bogota wants to move us to a stadium. Many here are asking themselves if they're going to keep us as if we were in cells or we're going to be able to move around here freely," said another man. The future looks bleak for these people, but no-one seems ready to return.