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International borders blur with Richard Sandovals Mexican-Peruvian recipe

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By Evan Bourke

Award-winning Chef Richard Sandoval was recently in Dubai cooking in his Latino restaurant Toro Toro. This hotspot for Dubai foodies is just one of 45 restaurants around the world owned by Chef Sandoval. 

The Mexican born chef is an advocate of South American food and is one of the most recognised globally for Latino food. The ceviche he prepared in the video takes its name from the central Mexican city of Huauchinago.

Although named after a Mexican city, Sandovals' ceviche uses ingredients commonly found in other parts of South America. His approach to cooking has no regard for international borders, and this dish has a heavy influence from Peruvian cuisine.  

His culinary mantra of 'old ways, new hands' shines through in this recipe, where he has taken a classic dish and added his own personal touches. The result is a ceviche bursting with a citrusy, fresh flavour.

Fresh seabass is to be dicedeuronews


90 gr Seabass diced

2 gr Coriander chopped

5 gr Red holland chilli brunoise

30 gr Onion julienne

30 gr Sweet potato (sub recipe)

80 gr Leche de tigre (sub recipe)

30 gr Avocado sauce (sub recipe)

10 gr cancha fried

Toss sea bass with Leche de Tigre, sliced onion, avocado and orange juice, seasoning with salt and pepper to taste. Serve immediately in a chilled bowl and garnish with sweet potatoes.

Cinnamon sticks add flavour to the sweet potatoeuronews

Sweet potato (sub recipe)

50 gr Lime juice

2 lt Orange juice

100 gr Sugar

5 gr Cinnamon stick

5 gr Star anise

1 kg Sweet potato peeled and sliced

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Cook until sweet potato is cooked through. Remove sweet potato from liquid and reserve.

Leche de tigre (sub recipe)

300 gr Fish stock

700 gr Lime juice

60 gr Garlic

40 gr Ginger

80 gr Celery

200 gr Whitefish

250 gr White onion

5 gr Coriander leaf

Salt to taste 

Habanero chile

Mix all ingredients in blender and season.

Cool and reserve.

Avocado sauce (sub recipe)

300 gr avocado

10 gr lemon juice

35 gr coriander

2 gr serrano

4 gr salt

Put all the ingredients in a blender, blend all till we get a nice and soft texture, check the seasoning and put in a squeeze bottle.