The 16 most useful travel apps for planning your next trip

The 15 best travel apps
The 15 best travel apps Copyright Getty via Canva
By Hope Talbot
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Where should you eat, how much should you tip and where's the best place to stay? These apps will save you a lot of hassle on your next trip abroad.


In our vast age of technological advancement, it feels only fair that we throw out the tedious and time-consuming traditions of travel’s past. Instead of hand-held maps and a paper trail of travel documents, we should be looking towards a more efficient way of getting around, with the help of the digital world.

In a sea of constantly evolving new apps and innovation, we’ve found the best applications to help you have the trip of a lifetime, all at the touch of a button.

Directions and Transport

1. Citymapper

Best for: The public transport traveller

Citymapper is the perfect all-rounder for anyone trying to get from A to B. The app covers everything, from directions for on-foot wanders, or those braving public transport.

With real-time alerts on delays, as well as timely transport alternatives, this app could save any journey from a transport disaster.

Getty via Canva
Getting around a new city can be tricky without the help of an appGetty via Canva

2. Triposo

Best for: Ditching the hefty guidebook

Triposo uses a sophisticated algorithm to find you the best places to visit wherever you are going.

From unique historical adventures, to hidden gems of the food world, Triposo allows you to ditch your guidebook and plan a unique trip catered to you.

3. Lounge Buddy

Best for: Navigating the airport in style

When travelling for long stretches of time, and across several connecting flights, airports can be a dizzying assault course of gate numbers, tickets and time stamps.

Amid the chaos of the airport, travellers can find solace with Lounge Buddy, allowing them access to premium lounges in airports across the world.

Getty via Canva
Get access to airport lounges all over the worldGetty via Canva

Language Learning

4. Memrise

Best for: Learning with the locals

Memrise is a language learning app, made with local, authentic culture in mind. Memrise videos allow you to explore and navigate real-world scenarios with native speakers, as part of its ‘learn with locals’ feature.

You are also evaluated on your pronunciation in the app, so you can keep up with local dialects easily.


5. Drops

Best for: The visual learner

With its playful colour scheme and fun visual aids, Drops breaks down new alphabets and spellings into fun and accessible exercises.

This is a great app for visual learners who either want a casual way of learning something new, or for those wanting to test out new languages they might not have previously considered.

Getty via Canva
Visual learning is a great way to get the grasp of a new languageGetty via Canva

6. Lirica


Best for: A unique learning experience

Have you ever listened to a song, and easily picked up the lyrics after a few listens? Well, it seems that this same concept can apply to language learning too.

Using popular music by Latin and Reggaeton artists, Lirica helps users learn Spanish grammar rules and new vocabulary, all through the power of music.


7. LiveTrekker

Best for: The sentimental traveller


While travelling, it is important to have moments of reflection, to truly consider the experiences you are having, and the places you are visiting.

LiveTrekker encourages this thoughtful, considered outlook on travel, allowing travellers to record audio files and upload photos to create a record of life-changing adventures.

Getty via Canva
Make a portfolio of your travelsGetty via Canva

8. TripLingo

Best for: Immersing yourself in a new culture

TripLingo is your one stop shop for all things cultural-awareness. Before heading off on your adventure, you can select the country you are visiting and download a full cultural guide on everything you need to know.


From key phrases, to safety guides, and even wifi calling from abroad, TripLingo offers extensive help to any travel query.

9. GlobeTips

Best for: The polite customer

The inevitable dilemma of dining out abroad is always whether or not to leave a tip.

Cue the incredibly helpful GlobeTips, which provides guidance on tips and payments for over 200 countries worldwide, ensuring you always remain polite when tipping abroad.

Getty via Canva
Culture will often dictate how much of a tip you should leave in restaurantsGetty via Canva

Planning Ahead

10. Packpoint

Best for: Travelling light

Packing is undoubtedly the worst part of travelling. Luckily, there is an app to avoid this sense of dread, as Packpoint makes it easy to pack for any possible situation.

Using the length of time you’re staying, the predicted weather and any planned activities, Packpoint ensures you are packed and ready for whatever happens, without going over your luggage allowance!



Best for: Impatient travellers

If you, like us, can't wait for your trip to come around once you've booked it, this app may just be for you. Creating personalised holiday countdowns, posts and Instagram stories for you, CAN'T WAIT! will let you know exactly how far you're trip is and how excited to be and drive your followers wild with envy.

12. Tripit

Best for: The tech savvy traveller

With any trip, there always seems to be an endless paper trail of documents, confirming every possible detail, in case of any possible situation.


With Tripit, you can declutter and organise your documents all under one app, with users able to forward all confirmation emails and tickets directly to Tripit.

Getty via Canva
Keep track of all your travel documents on this appGetty via Canva

13. Splittr

Best for: The big tour group

When in another country, it can be easy to lose track of costs, particularly in big tour groups. With Splittr, the task of tallying up costs is easy, with travellers able to track who owes what, and who paid when.

This app is invaluable to those travelling in groups, and has the potential to resolve any disputes that may arise over who paid for what. It even has an inbuilt currency conversion, providing ease of use for long, multi-destination trips.


Night Life

14. Party with a Local

Best for: The extroverted traveler

It’s common knowledge that the best way to explore a new place, be it a sprawling urban jungle, or a quiet countryside village, is to do what the locals do. So, what better way to explore nightlife than through the app, Party with a Local.

Through the app, travellers can match with fun-loving locals looking for a fun night out in their hometown. The app is great for adventurous solo travellers, or just anyone looking for a fun night out.

Getty via Canva
Meet and party with locals on your travelsGetty via Canva

15. EatWith


Best for: The sociable foodie

One of the best ways to explore a culture is through its food, so why not explore it with someone who knows it best.

On the app, EatWith, travellers can explore a vast array of culinary experiences with local experts, either in a big group of travellers, or in a quiet, intimate setting. The app is great for foodies looking for an authentic experience, with great company to go with it.

16. Nearify

Best for: The spontaneous traveller


An app that succeeds in providing both fun and convenience, Nearify is great for those looking for something fun to do at short notice.

You can tailor your searches to your interests, and can receive alerts to let you know when and where great events are happening.

Getty via Canva
Find friends to do fun things with abroadGetty via Canva

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