Shanghai Me - A taste of 1930's China

Shanghai Me - A taste of 1930's China
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By Evan Bourke

A favourite for Royalty, celebrities and sports stars, Shanghai Me transports its guests back in time to pre-war China. Taste finds out why this fine-dining restaurant has been voted one of the best in the gulf region.

Shanghai in the 1930s was called the Paris of the East. One restaurant that’s capturing that flavour is Shanghai Me in Dubai’s financial district. Exuding the atmosphere the Orient, this establishment offers a unique dining experience. Euronews' Evan Bourke paid a visit to meet Head Chef Shane Macneill, who cooked one of the restaurant's signature dishes, black cod. 

"We are burning coals, cooking it nice and slow to get a good heat in the core temperature. Beautiful caramelisation. Start to caramelise and we'll keep flipping it every two to three minutes. We'll flip it. So it kind of cooks from both sides."
Shane Macneill
Head Chef , Shanghai Me

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