Google introduces new Axion Arm-based chips

Google's first own datacenter in Germany
Google's first own datacenter in Germany Copyright Michael Probst/AP Photo
Copyright Michael Probst/AP Photo
By Euronews
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The new Axion Arm-based chips will be available later this year, Google said.


Google unveiled its new Arm-based central processing units (CPUs) designed for its data centre.

The Google Axion Processors will be available to Google Cloud customers later this year, the US multinational said.

Amazon and Microsoft, Google's main rivals for cloud services, have built CPUs based on Arm technology.

According to the British chip designer Arm, it is "often considered the most efficient CPU" technology available, using "simplified instructions that can do less but can execute more rapidly".

Arm licenses the chip designs to partners such as Apple and Samsung who build the chips. Arm-based chips, for instance, are found in many smartphones.

Google's Axion processors would deliver 30 per cent "better performance" than the fastest Arm-based instances in the cloud today, Amin Vahdat, Google's vice president of machine learning, systems and cloud AI, claimed in a blog post.

They will also have "up to 50% better performance and up to 60% better energy-efficiency than comparable current-generation x86-based instances".

"That’s why we’ve already started deploying Google services like BigTable, Spanner, BigQuery, Blobstore, Pub/Sub, Google Earth Engine, and the YouTube Ads platform on current generation Arm-based servers and plan to deploy and scale these services and more on Axion soon," Vahdat said.

He added that the chips would "deliver giant leaps in performance" for web workloads as well as data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) training and more.

"Google’s announcement of the new Axion CPU marks a significant milestone in delivering custom silicon that is optimised for Google’s infrastructure, and built on our high-performance Arm Neoverse V2 platform," said Arm CEO Rene Haas in a statement.

Google says the Axion processors will be more energy-efficient for customers. Companies such as Snap and Elastic said they were looking forward to seeing the new Arm-based CPU.

The announcement was part of Google's Cloud Next conference taking place in Las Vegas this week. Google Cloud represents some 11 per cent of the company's revenues.

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