How can cement factories be carbon-neutral by 2050?

How can cement factories be carbon-neutral by 2050?
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By Julian GOMEZ

Researchers say that by 2050 cement factories will look very different, with a different fuel mix, more electricity for the burning process and a unit to capture carbon dioxide.

Smart and very energy efficient. Cement factories of the future will be very different from how we know them now, according to the Director of Alternative Resources - of one of the biggest cement manufacturers in Europe:

"By 2050, a factory like this will look like completely different. It will have another fuel mix. It will use more electricity for the burning process."

"But on top of all that, it will have a unit to capture the carbon dioxide and it will have a final destination for this carbon dioxide; either for use in other industries or for other products or for sequestration for its storage."

"And all that will evolve over the next decades. It will be a big change for our industry. We have a carbon-neutral vision for 2050. And we are very much aware now what kind of steps we have to do in order to get there.2

"One of the things is to bring costs down and also technologies coming up to make that happen."

Journalist • Katy Dartford

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