Europe in brief: Malta, Czech Republic and Poland

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By Laura Ruiz Trullols
Europe in brief: Malta, Czech Republic and Poland
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MEPs called on Maltese Prime Minister to resign immediately over his handling of the investigation into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. A large majority in the European parliament said it was deeply concerned about the integrity and credibility of the investigation into the death of the journalist.

Joseph Muscat needs to take heat, he neeeds to see that his party is completly isolated within the Socialist Group. He needs to see that his counterparts in the European Parliament will be telling him, if he has to see them, that he really needs to go. Because he is dragging the reputation further and further down into the mud. Malta is not Joseph Muscat.
Roberta Metsola
Maltese MEP, EPP

The Czech Prime Minister is also in the spotlight. Brussels declared a conflict of interest between his businesses and political role and Czech prosecutors reopened a case against him.

Andrej Babis is still under conflict of interest and at the same time he is participating in the negotiations of the multiannual financial framework which is basically the budget of the EU for the next seven years. So he is still the owner of a big company and can use his position to earn more money, and he is still participating.
Mikulás Peksa
Czech MEP, Group of the Greens/EFA

Poland also saw big protests as the supreme court warned that the Government plans to overhaul the justice system could force the country to leave the EU.