German publisher apologises for domestic violence horoscope 'error'

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By Euronews
German publisher apologises for domestic violence horoscope 'error'
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The German publisher Bauer Verlag has apologised for a horoscope published in Tina magazine, which announced possible domestic violence to the reader.

In the magazine's Relationships section, the horoscope read: "Your partner won't touch you with kid gloves this month, bruises are planned. But maybe that's for the best: after the big bang, everything will seem to be coming back to normal again. You will start over together, finally make peace."

The text appeared in a special edition of the women's weekly magazine in September.

A Twitter user told Euronews she had discovered the picture on Instagram then published on Twitter.

"I didn't expect this much attention," she wrote on Monday morning.

In a statement, Bauer Verlag said it was a "fundamental formulation error" which had been overlooked when proofing. They said they wanted to apologise "emphatically" and that the text stood in complete contrast to the magazine's view on women.

This explanation, too, sparked a lot of criticism on social media. "How exactly does the countercheck work?" asks one user in the comments.

Another asked: "Formulation? Image of women? Wasn't the problem rather the trivialization of domestic violence?"