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United in emotion

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By Stefan Grobe  & Elena Cavallone, Jack Parrock
United in emotion

This week's news was dominated by the fire that almost destroyed Notre Dame in Paris on Monday night.

The cathedral survived tumultuous French history but was devastated.

Afterwards, there was an outpouring of sympathy and support – from around the world – and from the European Parliament.

In Strasbourg, lawmakers were in their last plenary week before the European elections next month.

As they were digesting news of the Notre Dame blaze, the latest seat projections came out. 

This week Jean-Claude Juncker said that Europe has to be loved.

If you do not love it, you are not capable of love.

We met some truly European couples who love each other and Europe in Verona.

Next Week

On Tuesday, Pro-European independent members of the British Parliament launch their European election campaign in London.

On Thursday, several European nationalist leaders meet in Prague, among them Marine Le Pen from France and Geert Wilders from the Netherlands.

And also on Thursday, the EU leadership will host Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for an EU-Japan summit in Brussels.

That does it for us today, I'm Stefan Grobe and you can follow me on Twitter. Thank you for watching.

Last Word

This week the last word goes to French President Emmanuel Macron who gave an inspiring speech about the rebuilding of Notre Dame. 

We can rebuild Notre Dame even more beautifully than ever before. And I want us to do it within five years.
Emmanuel Macron
French President