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Revolutionary infection screening device to cost 100 Euros

By Euronews
Revolutionary infection screening device to cost 100 Euros

Tomasz Gondek is at the head of SensDx. He says this new tool for the rapid diagnosis of infections is revolutionary. You don’t need a qualification to use it; it's precise, low cost and digital. So it can be managed by anyone, anywhere.

"We are starting with infections, so using it to pick up bacteria, virus and fungi infections. mostly for upper respiratory tract infections, for intimate infections, urinary tract infections. But next, we’re working on oncological screenings with biomarkers. We're working on cardiological screening and, of course, in parallel, we’re developing it for veterinary use which is really important for our health [...]  The equipment will cost 99 euros for customers. For the patient or doctor to use and depending on the test, it will cost between 5 and 10 euros. If we’re testing the flu, it will be 5 euro. If we are conducting an oncological screening it will cost 10 euros."